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Press release January 2018
“Cool products for energy efficiency”
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Award for Europe´s best products

In five categories the most energy efficient model will be awarded by a representative of the European Commission during EuroShop 2017 > more information


Efficient Cooling of Beverage and Food in the Commercial Sector - You can save several thousand euros with efficient appliances over their lifetime
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EU household refrigerators market - 25% energy reduction in ten years
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Efficient Cooling in the Commercial Sector

Swiss Rebate Programme
Commercial Plug in Refrigerators and Freezers - Everyone who procures eligible appliances, from small restaurants to international food and drink companies, can profit from a rebate of up to 25% of the purchase price.
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Best available technology of plugin refrigerated cabinets, beverage coolers and ice cream freezers and the challenges of measuring and comparing energy efficiency.
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