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EU household refrigerators market: 25% energy reduction in ten years

In last week's market monitoring report, topten has presented refrigerators sales data from GfK including information on energy efficiency, energy consumption, size and price. To show national differences, the report also covers France and Portugal next to the EU-21.

Energy consumption in France and Portugal higher than the EU average
Recent policies have been well supporting a market change to more energy-efficient refrigerators. Across the EU, average energy consumption has decreased by 25% since 2004. In France and Portugal, it is higher than the EU average – because of lower efficiency (F + PT) and larger appliances (PT).

Energy reduction is lower than efficiency improvement
The average energy efficiency index (EEI) has improved by 34% - the reduction in consumption is smaller than this. The reason for this deviation is not an increase in size, but other factors contributing to higher energy consumption that are rewarded by the Energy Label (lower efficiency required for combi models; ‘correction factors’ for frost-free function, compressors designed for the tropics, built-in models and chill compartments).

Energy Label needs to be revised
A simplification of the EEI formula (deletion of different categories and ‘correction factors’) would better link high efficiency to low energy consumption. Additionally the Energy Label needs to be re-scaled (to A to G), because only A+ and better remain on the market. Including freezers, the saving potential of today’s A++ as minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) is close to 10 TWh* per year.

More information
• Full report and summary version available on www.topten.eu
• Topten policy recommendations for household refrigerators and freezers
• Download this Topten Focus as pdf
• Contact: [email protected]

*Savings of the 2014 sales over 15 years, had only A++ been sold, compared to what was really sold.

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